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Ragnar Wighus, president of the International Water Mist Association (IWMA), has announced that the 17th International Water Mist Conference (IWMC) will take place in Rome, Italy, on 25th and 26th October 2017.

A venue has now been found: the Barceló Aran Mantegna – a hotel and conference centre. And with the revised schedule all is set.

On 15th January 2017 the call for papers will be released. Abstract deadline will be 15th May 2017. Speakers will then be notified by 15th June 2017 whether their abstract has been accepted.  All abstracts will as always be assessed by the IWMA Scientific Council.

The conference webpage will be actived on 15th May 2017. It will be possible to register from that day onwards. IWMA General Manger Bettina McDowell explains: “IWMA will again offer reduced prices during the first few weeks. The early bird period will end on 15th July 2017.”

The programme will be published on 1st July 2017. The focus on day one of the conference will be on applications. Day two will again be dedicated to research and testing.

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition. Those interested in exhibition space may contact IWMA directly at

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