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 This company has been established by a team of fire specialists in Tehran for the purpose of protection and safeguarding of valuable resources and critically important installations of your business. This company is organized in the form of a private joint-stock registered under number 502315 with an organizational structure comprising highly experienced engineers, consultants and technicians and provides its services in various safety, fire-alarming and fire-extinguishing areas and basic and detailed- designing based on the most recently accepted methods and international NFPA standards. Having completed numerous training courses held by domestic and foreign centers and also having membership of such international organizations as BS and NFPA, Barana’s engineering staff has already implemented and commissioned a considerable number of petroleum & gas, petrochemical, power-plant, industrial, constructional, commercial and accommodation projects.

While giving much importance to its obligations towards customers this company has commitment to provide for quantitative and qualitative promotion of its services inside and beyond territory of the country putting a special focus on its organizational mission based on a highly efficient management system, taking benefit of availability of dynamic and attentive specialist forces and latest technology. This company has been established based on a novel idea, with the purpose of promotion of living standards of the public by supplying highly standardized professional services. The areas of activity are the following:

-Designing and providing consultancy services for different fire-alarming and fire-extinguishing systems.

-Installation and starting of fire-alarming and fire extinguishing systems.

-Supervising over the systems and obtaining final certificate of Fire Organization.

-Establishing and providing consultancy services for fireproof covers and walls of steel structure buildings.

-Recharging of fire-extinguisher cylinders.

-Provision of firefighting and HSE manpower.

-Supplying and repair of firefighting vehicles, firefighting pumps and fireboxes with all their ancillary parts.

-Supplying of every relief and rescue equipment, relief airplanes, safe boats, firefighting boats etc.

-Electrical installations protecting systems.

-Training courses on Safety & Fire

-Online sale of products.


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