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BARANA TAJHIZ HOOSHMAND is a new company established  by fire engineering consultants & fire safety experts in Tehran, Iran. This company is an independent engineering company active in the field of Fire Protection Comprised of highly qualified registered professional engineers.
The company is organized into two major business units: Fire Protection Engineering and Services. The Fire Protection Engineering business unit is mainly involved on turnkey projects involving fire detection and suppression systems for the oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation sectors. The systems delivered include: F&G, foam, dry chemical, water spray, automatic monitors, inert gases and water mist.

The second BU concentrates on maintenance services offering on site assistance and long term service agreements. BARANA has developed a wide range of supporting services aimed at maximizing efficiency, safety and operational lifetime of its fire suppression systems & equipment. Clients who have joined BARANA service programs protect their assets, extend their system warranty, monitor and keep their investment running securely while reducing downtime and production losses. Service engineers are dispatched rapidly within the whole Iran. Skilled engineers cover all the required fire suppression and F&G detection systems with skill and expertise in order to deliver to our customers a full service coverage.



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